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Author, actor, entertainment critic, and procrastination consultant (on how to do it, not how to avoid it), it is safe to say my social life is a little one-hit. That’s not to say my world is not abnormal!

Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021) Movie Review

This movie had large shoes to fill, and it seemed to know that and not know that at the same time, trying to be big but not knowing what to be big for. A sequel to the classic Space Jam has been brainstormed for decades now. A standalone spy sequel led instead to Looney Tunes:… Continue Reading →

Slay by Brittney Morris Book Review

You know, as much as racism is no longer seen as a normal and acceptable act in general society, sometimes we forget just how much is out there begging to be unleashed beneath the surface. Reminders emerge all the time, and we stand united against them, but then there are places where it just won’t… Continue Reading →

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