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Author, actor, entertainment critic, and procrastination consultant (on how to do it, not how to avoid it), it is safe to say my social life is a little one-hit. That’s not to say my world is not abnormal!

Halloween (2018) Movie Review

I’m going to soon be seeing the new Halloween Kills, so I thought it would be proper to finally write a review of the predecessor. I saw this film when it was released, but, well, there’s a bit of a reason why it’s taken me this long to review. Honestly, the Halloween franchise has tripped… Continue Reading →

No Time To Die (2021) Movie Review

Here it is. The first big movie ever to have itself delayed due to the announcement of the coronavirus and had all the others follow suit. I wasn’t exactly biting my nails for this movie to finally arrive, but No Time to Die was delayed at a time we knew very little about the virus,… Continue Reading →

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