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Author, actor, entertainment critic, and procrastination consultant (on how to do it, not how to avoid it), it is safe to say my social life is a little one-hit. That’s not to say my world is not abnormal!

Dear Evan Hansen (2021) Movie Review

While watching this flick, I was completely unaware of the so-called controversy, of Ben Platt being too old for the role of a high-schooler and one of the producers of the show being Ben’s father and therefore inciting nepotism. And I find those concepts quite ridiculous. Rebel Wilson was in her early thirties, older than… Continue Reading →

The Gravity of Us by Phil Stamper Book Review

I look back at my reading experience of The Gravity of Us puzzled. Was I in a bad mood starting it, and did that transcend to the rest? I’ve given a lot of negative reviews recently, so maybe I should look into that. It is unprofessional of an entertainment critic to let your personal troubles… Continue Reading →

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