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Author, actor, entertainment critic, and procrastination consultant (on how to do it, not how to avoid it), it is safe to say my social life is a little one-hit. That’s not to say my world is not abnormal!

Bad Blood by John Carreyrou Book Review

I almost never read giant non-fiction books. That might change one day, but I’m 24 years old. Probably not happening anytime soon, especially when if I’m interested in a real story, there’s an article or documentary or something on television that will tell it satisfyingly. But the story of Elizabeth Holmes is so fascinating, so…

Michael Vey: The Parasite by Richard Paul Evans Book Review

Before I begin this review, let me tell you my story around Michael Vey. This book series has changed my life more than any other book series in existence, and you’ll see in a minute why there’s no exaggeration. Without Michael Vey, I wouldn’t be a reviewer, a reader, or a YouTuber, and definitely not…

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