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I’ve loved writing since I was in preschool. When I write, stories, people and superpowers come to life! Yet somehow, in my teen years I found myself specializing in the contemporary genre for teens. I still call myself an aspiring author, and will never give up on my dream. For now, here are some of the books I’ve put together.


We humans are inventors. We make up stories. We make up people. But they are not just made up. And they’re in trouble.

There is a planet out there. A planet inaccessible to us, but we influence it. Its inhabitants call it Cerebra, a world where all beings created from the imaginations and soul of humans live and thrive.

Johnny is one of these beings. He has no idea who invented his very existence. He also has no parents, no knowledge of his past and no last name. But he’s managed to build a life for himself with a small apartment, a regular job and a repetitive routine. But the balances of reality are being rattled in Cerebra. Underneath everyone’s noses, major conspiracies are looming…and Johnny and his friends are right in the crossfire.

Cerebra is the start of an epic series, of fantasy, thrills, and the journey of becoming a hero.

I am currently pitching this book to agencies. Wish me luck!!!

The Shoreline

This is my first adult novel, and I wrote it for an assignment related to non-violence, but don’t let that make you think it’s a book about goody-two-shoes and cupcakes. No. It is based off of a real-life family tragedy from a few years back, and a man’s descent into pure heartbreak and rage as the world around him shatters to pieces and he doesn’t trust himself to fix it, especially since he’s lived with disabilities that keep him from achieving his dreams.

If you want to read it, you can for free right now on Wattpad. You can go to my page here.

Escape From Central West

Inspired by the plays I have been lucky enough to star in, I wrote a play I would love to one day direct! Seeing the amazing works the directors were able to bring to life, the concept all of a sudden was not so unrealistic in my head. So I thought, “What’s a concept for a play I myself would really want to see?” It only took three weeks of writing, and Escape from Central West became a reality.

I wrote it from my love of crime thrillers, my love of gay romances and being in gay romances, and my desire to make a story with more badass female characters.

This play takes place in a near future where laws as to who can be sentenced for crimes have been made so lenient, that teenagers can get giant sentences behind bars. That is what happens with ordinary teen Melanie Kent, who is sent to her town’s all-women’s prison, Central West, not because she has committed any crimes but because she has evidence of a corruption scandal that goes as high up as their mayor. Mel needs to escape before she loses hope, and she’ll need the help of her cynical and defeated cellmate and perhaps some unlikely alliances along the way!



The Blacktop Brothers

There is another version of this book, a 144-paged novel I wrote way back when I was 12 years old, from 2010-11 and it got self-published in 2012. It was my life’s work for five years because by 2017, it was a five-book series, the last being 576 pages. I wrote a remake of the first book in 2018, which I am going to publish at the right time.

The Blacktop Brothers is about a young girl named Paige Katika who ends up targeted and harassed to the point of severe trauma against a gang of boys, causing a fight that takes away Paige’s friends, her trust in her parents, and the stability of her life. Eventually, the brawl will not only cause Paige to have to run from the law, but it will escalate across the world into a riot that will bring the world to its knees!



This page will be updated as I release further content! Happy Reading to Everybody!!!

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