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My name’s William McGinn. Or William J. McGinn. It’s a stage name I’m trying out. I am a 24-year-old autistic Canadian who loves helping people and hates it more than anything when others hurt people, so it should come as no surprise if I was an American, I’d be a far-left Democrat. I’m also the only one I personally know who loves M. Night Shayamalan’s 2010 The Last Airbender movie.

I’ve done many things over my lifetime (how well I’ve done them you can decide.) I’ve been doing movie and book reviews online since I was 15, leading to over 600 reviews on my website, Weldon Witness. I’ve self-published a five-novel YA series, beginning with the book “The Blacktop Brothers”. I’m also the author of The Shoreline, a romance novel based on a real-life tragedy in our family, available for free on Wattpad, and Cerebra, the start of an upcoming fantasy series. I’m also an actor and voice actor.

Most importantly, I know I can’t rid the world of its flaws, like pollution, racism, homophobia and prejudice. But the least I can do is not keep my mouth shut and do what I can to help someone who needs a hand.

The Kind of Books I Love

Ones that are not afraid to say the world is bullshit and is screwing us up and we need to do something, even if we must be as slimy as the corrupted who are out to get us.

The Hate U Give, Anger is a Gift, Scythe

Ones that are exciting, whether that means narrow escape after narrow escape or caught in a realistic situation with relatable consequences; page-turners.

Michael Vey, Miss Peregrine, Illuminae

Ones without insta-love; ones that create a realistic relationship that shows neither person is perfect but both are willing to do what it takes to be there for who they love (LGBT books rock with these!)

One Man Guy, Cinder, Reboot

The Kind of Movies I Love

Ones that use what they have at their disposal, and show the creators are excited about their craft enough to do something unexpected, and do it with glee.

Hoodwinked, Big Fat Liar, The Kid Who Would Be King

Ones that are fast-paced enough to keep us thoroughly engaged, without speeding past character, setting, or plot development.

Wonder Woman, Home Alone, Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

Ones that, whether biography or complete fiction, show the importance of the movie and keep us invested to the point we care about these people (beings) in our hearts.

Lion (2016), Coco, Love Simon

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