My Sly Cooper Book

It has been a long time coming, but my Sly Cooper book is officially released (well, the first two parts.)

I am 100% done the manuscript, which I wrote from May 2021 – Jan 2022, and I am currently in the 40-50% range of the illustrations, which are a brand new field for me. The book is currently available on Tapas, and you can go to the book here. And you can expect the book will be uploaded elsewhere in the future too.

If you like, check out some of the illustrations from the book!

And here’s a book description!

It has been three months since thief mastermind Sly Cooper vanished into time with a broken time machine and no trace or hint to his whereabouts. His gang, Bentley and Murray, and complicated love interest Carmelita, have had to begin swallowing their hope of his return when all leads run dry. But one of the Cooper gang’s old associates is finally getting out of prison, and strange postcards from a traitor of the group are beginning to hint at a legitimate trail. From old and new members to a separated Sly, the Cooper gang will be swooped up on another adventure across the world – and through time – that will change them in ways they never could have imagined.

Click here to read the book for free!

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