Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) Movie Review

Apologies for the wait. When I finished this movie, I started writing this review, and I realized it just doesn't feel right not knowing the full context, so I played catch-up and watched the first two Godzilla movies. I was just too curious and felt this movie thrived on the backstories I'd neglected to see.... Continue Reading →

The Old Guard (2020) Movie Review

I've come to realize there are two methods of storytelling pretty much all forms of entertainment go for - Rough or Easy. There's a middle between them, but basically, Rough is where the writers take chances with their material which can cause deep thought, anger, or amazement. Easy is where the story plays it safe... Continue Reading →

TMNT (2007) Movie Review

It's such a shame when you can see what they were going for - but you really dislike it nonetheless. Considering this movie takes the Ninja Turtles seriously, I feel extra bad for giving a harsh review. I don't think anyone who likes the Ninja Turtles deserves to be ridiculed by friends, classmates or work... Continue Reading →

The Gentlemen (2020) Movie Review

I dream of being an actor. It's definitely weird wanting to both perform in productions and criticize other people's performances and productions. Maybe one day I should just make up my mind. If I choose the former, I would say my favourite acting roles are characters who don't fall under typical male stereotypes. If that... Continue Reading →

Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) Movie Review

The astronomically anticipated movie has finally arrived, and it is quite the gift the second trailer promised it would be. This is a complete reboot setting of the Sonic Universe, which I suspect is fairly common. Sonic has that kind of restartability. Sonic used to live on an island, never mind which planet nor how... Continue Reading →

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