Scoob! (2020) Movie Review

I liked the Scooby-Doo cartoon that was on when I was a little kid old enough not to get creeped out at the monstrous faces. I mean, monster costumes. That was the What's-New version. Looking back the actual mysteries of who-dun-it were fairly easy, but I guess I often enjoyed guessing correctly. Not only that,... Continue Reading →

TMNT (2007) Movie Review

It's such a shame when you can see what they were going for - but you really dislike it nonetheless. Considering this movie takes the Ninja Turtles seriously, I feel extra bad for giving a harsh review. I don't think anyone who likes the Ninja Turtles deserves to be ridiculed by friends, classmates or work... Continue Reading →

Ne-Zha (2019) Movie Review

My roommate from Hong Kong showed me this film. And as someone who's been somewhat disappointed with other critically acclaimed animated features this year, like The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part and even Toy Story 4, I certainly now get why he was so excited to share this with me. I suspect we have... Continue Reading →

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