Bad Blood by John Carreyrou Book Review

I almost never read giant non-fiction books. That might change one day, but I'm 24 years old. Probably not happening anytime soon, especially when if I'm interested in a real story, there's an article or documentary or something on television that will tell it satisfyingly. But the story of Elizabeth Holmes is so fascinating, so... Continue Reading →

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown Book Review

I ended up reading the illustrated/photographed edition of this book, something which majorly contributed to my enjoyment or fascination. I'm not completely sure I'd have given this book the same grade if it weren't for the photos of real-life old paintings, ruins, museums, fields and sights that show up helping us feel we're there even... Continue Reading →

Just Mercy (2020) Movie Review

Before I begin this review, I just wanted to say the Black Lives Matter protests (I've been part of one, but that doesn't paint me as a hero) going on right now are so strong, so united against the racism, police brutality, corruption, fear and downright hatred that has terrorized and murdered people of colour... Continue Reading →

Harriet (2019) Movie Review

For Remembrance Day, I thought it’d be suitable enough to do a review on the woman who deserves to be on America’s 20 dollar bill, and have about 20 other things (holidays, regions, law principles, statues) named after her in her honour. Every single hero in my home country, Canada, deserves their minute of silence... Continue Reading →

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