Imagine Me by Tahereh Mafi Book Review

It's official. Tahereh Mafi has finally really impressed me. I've enjoyed a fair bit of her books (Shatter Me, Defy Me, A Very Large Expanse of Sea) but there was always something preventing me from singing full praise, and now here we are, with a cover that uses a dark-gray colour for the background almost... Continue Reading →

The Hunger Games Book Review

My first review on my first site Weldon Witness was on The Hunger Games, and I gave it one and a half stars out of four. But two-hundred and fifty book reads later, I now think it’s actually kind of better than quite a few other YA books of its genre, enough for me to... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Worst Movies of 2019

Happy New Year Everyone! 2020 is going to be a huge year. I have no doubt it will determine the outcome of the world on a massive scale. So let's hope it works out. For now, this is my list of my least favourite movies that came in 2019. If you would like to read... Continue Reading →

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