Halloween (2018) Movie Review

I'm going to soon be seeing the new Halloween Kills, so I thought it would be proper to finally write a review of the predecessor. I saw this film when it was released, but, well, there's a bit of a reason why it's taken me this long to review. Honestly, the Halloween franchise has tripped... Continue Reading →

Evil Dead (2013) Movie Review

One of the posters self-advertises this movie as "The Most Terrifying Film You Will Ever Experience." And actually, I think they earned the right to call itself that. This is a pure horror movie as relentless as a creature with no conscience, aka the monsters breaking down the safe havens of their targets for misery.... Continue Reading →

Hubie Halloween Movie Review

Even the eight-year-old within me cringed. The same eight-year-old who's loved so many movies aimed at kids and preteens even today, and loved so many Adam Sandler movies that have been critically panned. Hubie Halloween is a mixture of these, and here they go together like whatever those three soups Sandler orders in this film... Continue Reading →

Halloween (1978) Movie Review

There's such a humungous history of classic movies that established itself way before I was born, and that's why I often prefer watching what's new and take it a week at a time. But after seeing the 2018 Halloween when it was released, I thought, Why the heck not? You know the story, and even... Continue Reading →

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