Traitor by Amanda McCrina Book Review

You know, there's a barrier when it comes to learning history from foreign countries, and I think that's evident in Traitor; if we want to properly be educated on it, like a bagel with surprisingly too much garlic, we can be easily taken aback with how many different groups with so many different histories we... Continue Reading →

Cruella (2021) Movie Review

There was Maleficent, then Suicide Squad, then Venom, then Joker, now Cruella! Apologies if I missed any, but I have to say villain stories are now trending, and Cruella is a terrific example of why we should be excited for that. When we're kids, we understand our heroes. When we're adults, we also understand our... Continue Reading →

Enola Holmes (2020) Movie Review

This isn't the first time we've had a female-take on the stereotypically male pluck-clues-from-dust keen but socially oddball detective. In fact, there are loads of examples, like Nancy Drew and a Canadian TV series called Shirley Holmes where Sherlock's great grand-niece takes over his work. But taking these sort of concepts and breathing new life... Continue Reading →

Mulan (2020) Movie Review

It looks like we have a new 2016 Ghostbusters or Star Wars: The Last Jedi on our hands for 2020; a critically acclaimed movie with a lynch mob and an endless discussion behind it. Back in March, the star of this movie said she stood by Hong Kong police who were caught tear-gassing citizens and... Continue Reading →

Little Women (2019) Movie Review

My sister and mother have been wanting to see Little Women for ages. So as a family we finally rented it and gave it a go, and like star Saoirse Ronan's other recent starring-role dramas, Brooklyn & Lady Bird, it's a deep and appreciative take on people just like you and me, differences between timelines... Continue Reading →

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