The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown Book Review

I ended up reading the illustrated/photographed edition of this book, something which majorly contributed to my enjoyment or fascination. I'm not completely sure I'd have given this book the same grade if it weren't for the photos of real-life old paintings, ruins, museums, fields and sights that show up helping us feel we're there even... Continue Reading →

Traitor by Amanda McCrina Book Review

You know, there's a barrier when it comes to learning history from foreign countries, and I think that's evident in Traitor; if we want to properly be educated on it, like a bagel with surprisingly too much garlic, we can be easily taken aback with how many different groups with so many different histories we... Continue Reading →

Enola Holmes (2020) Movie Review

This isn't the first time we've had a female-take on the stereotypically male pluck-clues-from-dust keen but socially oddball detective. In fact, there are loads of examples, like Nancy Drew and a Canadian TV series called Shirley Holmes where Sherlock's great grand-niece takes over his work. But taking these sort of concepts and breathing new life... Continue Reading →

Little Women (2019) Movie Review

My sister and mother have been wanting to see Little Women for ages. So as a family we finally rented it and gave it a go, and like star Saoirse Ronan's other recent starring-role dramas, Brooklyn & Lady Bird, it's a deep and appreciative take on people just like you and me, differences between timelines... Continue Reading →

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