Army of the Dead (2021) Movie Review

Second-chance movies are suspenseful. Although I’m aware he has an arsenal of movies he has directed, including a different zombie one, this is only the second movie I’ve seen from director Zack Snyder. I watched his Batman v. Superman blockbuster back in 2016, with high expectations from its ad campaign, and even if I wasn’t... Continue Reading →

Freaky (2020) Movie Review

The more horror movies you see, the more you get numbed to them and demand better. Actually, as I was typing that, I realized that's the same for all types of movies, but with horror it's especially true. You watch some classic terror productions to get creeped out, you watch some new ones to get... Continue Reading →

Evil Dead (2013) Movie Review

One of the posters self-advertises this movie as "The Most Terrifying Film You Will Ever Experience." And actually, I think they earned the right to call itself that. This is a pure horror movie as relentless as a creature with no conscience, aka the monsters breaking down the safe havens of their targets for misery.... Continue Reading →

Hubie Halloween Movie Review

Even the eight-year-old within me cringed. The same eight-year-old who's loved so many movies aimed at kids and preteens even today, and loved so many Adam Sandler movies that have been critically panned. Hubie Halloween is a mixture of these, and here they go together like whatever those three soups Sandler orders in this film... Continue Reading →

Halloween (1978) Movie Review

There's such a humungous history of classic movies that established itself way before I was born, and that's why I often prefer watching what's new and take it a week at a time. But after seeing the 2018 Halloween when it was released, I thought, Why the heck not? You know the story, and even... Continue Reading →

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