Slay by Brittney Morris Book Review

You know, as much as racism is no longer seen as a normal and acceptable act in general society, sometimes we forget just how much is out there begging to be unleashed beneath the surface. Reminders emerge all the time, and we stand united against them, but then there are places where it just won't... Continue Reading →

Get Out (2017) Movie Review

Breonna Taylor's murderers still haven't been brought to justice; only one's been fired, rather than being arrested, charged and imprisoned. And to top that off, there are still loads of unsolved cases of police brutality against people of colour. At the very least for Taylor's case, we are not willing to quiet down and the... Continue Reading →

Just Mercy (2020) Movie Review

Before I begin this review, I just wanted to say the Black Lives Matter protests (I've been part of one, but that doesn't paint me as a hero) going on right now are so strong, so united against the racism, police brutality, corruption, fear and downright hatred that has terrorized and murdered people of colour... Continue Reading →

Harriet (2019) Movie Review

For Remembrance Day, I thought it’d be suitable enough to do a review on the woman who deserves to be on America’s 20 dollar bill, and have about 20 other things (holidays, regions, law principles, statues) named after her in her honour. Every single hero in my home country, Canada, deserves their minute of silence... Continue Reading →

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