LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff Book Review

When it comes to steampunk, I'm not educated in machinery and screw types. But that's no reason to avoid every kind of entertainment involving some hands-on lifting and crafting. If I did that, I never would've tried out Marissa Meyer's Cinder, which was the starting point into one of my favourite writers. Lifelikes, and they're... Continue Reading →

Imagine Me by Tahereh Mafi Book Review

It's official. Tahereh Mafi has finally really impressed me. I've enjoyed a fair bit of her books (Shatter Me, Defy Me, A Very Large Expanse of Sea) but there was always something preventing me from singing full praise, and now here we are, with a cover that uses a dark-gray colour for the background almost... Continue Reading →

Supermarket by Bobby Hall Book Review

The way to get a book under my nose is to have an involving cover. Something showing promise and passion. But Bobby Hall (aka the rapper known as Logic)'s debut has a cover so anti-passion that it's impossible to disregard: Just the name "Supermarket", the red is purposefully rough and slightly scratched, and the author's... Continue Reading →

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